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Your home is where you cook, watch movies, play games and more. At Entegrus, we know how important a comfortable home is, and the role power plays in how you live, entertain and enjoy. We are committed to excellent, honest service so you can focus on the important things. 

My Bill

Click here to view your bill by registering or logging into 'My Account' (previously 'Go Figure'). Enroll in paperless billing, sign up for pre-authorized payments, or view our resources to learn more about your bill.

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Electricity Rates

Enter your postal code above to find billing rates for your area. Ontario Energy Board sets new electricity prices for households and small businesses effective November 1, 2020. New: Fixed Electricity Price for Customers in Time-of-Use PricingGlobal Adjustment The Global Adjustment (previously the Provincial Benefit) rate is set and adjusted to support Ontario's generating capacity... read more

Water Rates

Entegrus provides the water usage billing and collecting for all residential customers of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Strathroy Caradoc Water & Newbury Water. Your monthly bill is based on the amount of water that you use (according to your meter). read more

Save Energy

Managing your energy usage is about small decisions that make a big difference. By turning things off when you don't need them, you can get more life out of your light bulbs, electronics and appliances alike. Let Entegrus help you make smart energy choices that help your home, your wallet and the planet. read more

Safety at Home

Entegrus has a corporate commitment to delivering electricity to our customers in a safe and reliable manner. Protecting and educating the public and our employees about the hazards of electricity distribution is taken very seriously. read more

Service Communications

You rely on us to power your home—where you eat, live and play. We believe that great service starts with two-way communication. We serve you better when we know about changes to your contact information, or any issues you might have with your service... read more

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