How do I lower my bill?

Here are a few ways you can manage your bill:

  • Make the most of TOU billing. Switching your electricity usage to off-peak hours can help save on electricity costs. For more information on Time-of-Use Billing, visit the OEB Website:
  • Log on to 'My Account' (Go Figure) to review and monitor your electricity consumption by day and by hour to determine where you are using the most electricity. (To Login, click here). For more information on Go Figure, click here (PDF).
  • Take advantage of conservation programs to assist in controlling energy costs. For a list of all current conservation programs FOR HOME, click here.  For a list of conservation programs FOR BUSINESS, click here.
  • If the high bill is water related, you may wish to contact us with your water reading. Water meters are read quarterly.
  • You may wish to determine if you have a water leak—water meters have a red flow indicator located on the face of the meter. If you are not using any water, the indicator should not be moving. Entegrus does not locate leaks.

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