Computer Estimate vs Meter Reading

Please refer to your Meter Reading Code located on your bill to determine whether your water meter was Meter Read (MR) or Computer estimated (CE):

Example 1: Both are physical meter reads

Image shows a MR beside both meter readings

Example 2: One is a computer estimate 

MR is shows beside first line indicating Meter Reading, CE is shown before 2nd line indicating Computer Estimate

Water meters are read quarterly in Chatham-Kent, so each month in between a computer estimate is generated. Customers have an option to either phone in their water meter read or fill in the water meter form through “My Account” monthly to avoid a computer estimate.  Note: the Computer Estimate is based on the average consumption from the same time period in the previous year. 

Factors that impact Computer Estimates and Meter Readings: 

  • New Occupants - usage may be different than previous occupant
    • Estimates may be too low, therefore the customer could experience catch up bills when they have their next meter reading
    • Estimates may be too high, therefore the  customer could experience a credit bill when the water meter is next read 
  • Prior Water Leak
    • When a customer has a water leak the estimates usually increase. To avoid this, we recommend calling in the water read: 1-866-804-7325 option  4, submit online through My Account, or, submit your reading via email to customerservice [at] (you will require your account #) 
  • Filling a Pool
    • Please note that the water used to fill a pool may not be billed in the same month the top up of the pool was completed. The water used will be factored in when the next meter reading is completed
    • Please review the Meter Reading code on your bill to identify if your bill was Meter Read (MR) or Computer Estimated (CE)


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