Save Energy


Why Conserve?

Managing your energy usage is about small decisions that make a big difference. By turning things off when you don't need them, you can get more life out of your light bulbs, electronics and appliances alike. Let Entegrus help you make smart energy choices that help your home, your wallet and the planet. 

Programs & Incentives:

Home Assistance Program  Find out if you are eligible for help with improving energy efficiency in your home. Participating in the program can help reduce energy use, help manage energy costs and improve home comfort.  Click here for more information and to see if you qualify, or phone Greensaver: 1-855-591-0877. 

Heating and Cooling Incentive: If you're in the market for energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, you may be eligible for additional savings. Click here to learn more.

Coupons: Coupons are available until September 30th, click here to learn more.

New Construction: Find out how you can save on energy when you build with energy-efficiency in mind. 


Other Ways to Save

At Entegrus, we believe in helping you save. We share tips about small changes you can make today, and offer a variety of Conservation programs (listed above) that make a big difference. 

Visit 10 Smart Meter Lane to see the difference shifting your electricity use can make on your bill. 

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